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domenica 22 gennaio 2017

Twin Flames - Incarnated Angels

Twin Flames - Incarnated Angels by Gabriela Balaj
[ Thnaks to Fabio Carati for this translation and adaptation]

In the Twin Flames couples normally one part is the strongest in the spiritual awakens, it’s similar to a robust and healthy apple, the other one is more damaged at a soul level and she will need more time to repair all. The Union is possible when both apples are completely healthy and repaired.

The more consciousness apple “the health one” is the first one to discover and become awareness about the very strong Connection-Union of the two souls and she has the duty to awake the other twin about their divinity and spiritual powers.

Their powers and their abilities are normally hidden in their DNA waiting to be unblocked through the more spiritual flame. In reality they activate, care and unblock each other driven by their unique superior self.

It means that the healthy apple will be able to help in the care of the wounds and in the removal of the “veil covering” of the damaged apple that doesn’t know yet about her capacities or divinities.

Due to their connection on the superior self the healthy apple will have to work also on herself to heal the other one.

It’s also important that they can be able to communicate on the physical level; it’s necessary to have a correct energy exchange or energy transmission between the two parts.

It’s also true that is not good if you put together in contact two apples, an healthy one and a damaged one, because the risk is that the healthy one become contaminated…for this reason is good some distance between them and with other damaged apples… and for this reason is high recommended don’t frequent some kind of “ bad apple”…

This is a natural process, the twin flames connection is set to pass through many transversal ways and healing processes to validate that the passion is strong enough to suffer potential future conflicts that might cross the twin flames paths.

When the passion for the other flame is validated and both have a low ego can begin the “spiritual marriage”.

This marriage includes an energy connection among their central nervous systems (the brain) and 5 main organs (the hearth, the spleen, lungs, the liver and kidneys( that will be connected among them.

When the central nervous system and other organs are connected, specific spiritual skills will appear, telepathy, and naturally the Kundalini energy awakening.

Contrarily to what the most of people can think, the “damaged apple” flame is generally more powerful of the spiritual one.
This is due to her natural gift of evolution in dynamic and complex environment connected with their capacity to be a natural alchemist.

Natural Alchemists evolve at an highest and fastest rate compared to a medium person because there are able to absorb energy into their DNA while they are evolving at the same time their consciousness and all the aura.

In parallel through a synchronization process with the other the more spiritual twin will feel himself more anchored to the earth with the feeling to be more connected to the Universal Matrix and to the society as well.

At the meantime natural dormant psychological gifts of both twins will appear, the new DNA reactivation with their spiritual gifts and powers will appear.

Both Twins will have their set of psychological and psychic abilities that can be used alone or together to reinforce each other.

When both flames work together can access to all possibilities to realize the future for them and others.

This mechanism is been designed by the Universe to guarantee that both twins can work together without be separated by persons or entities with this power. It means that Twins are been designed to achieve a spiritual mission and are incarnated to work together with the final goal to help others as Guardians, Explorers, Informers, inspectors, Energy Controllers, healer, teacher-masters, guides, judges of the Tikkun Karma, adults protectors, children protectors, Angel Leaders (Archangels), contemplative meditative, dispensers, etc.

Dear flames remember that you are at a deep level of the “core essence…”


You need to find a common point! To evolve together!

Twin Flames or Human Angels are also defined by their main task; the commander has all properties.

The soul characteristic of each Angel, is determined by his power and it determines his task.

Each Human Angels is recognized through his essence ( energetic smell identified by psychic persons) and from one or more ancestral symbols that represent his power and his soul character.

This has produced some of the artistic marvels arrived in our days and Twin Flames emanate the same soul essence.

The creator conceived and loved us like unique creatures, all different but all linked together. This was done with the finality to create a perfect network of Love, Grace, Power and virtue necessary to achieve our final task on the planet Earth.

Twin Flames are removing the old way to act (without love, compassion and help for others) to insert even more the angelic brightness (the love) here on the Planet.

Also Patricia Mc Nealli explained well in her last video why the pain of Twin Flams on the heart (the fourth chakra) an in other body’s part.

The heart have to be open with an angle of 100 degrees…to clean and open the heart for your true love and it must be the priority on all !!!

The body’s part particularly affected by this pain are the heart, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the skin, eyes, kidneys, adrenal glands.

Many flames have just felt the adrenal glands tiredness for a lot of time due to the mental stress provoked by the other flame that refuses to ascend or by the stress related to the refusal to end old relations and prepare the path/home for the flame.

The body experiments the sensation of the intensity because it needs to purify and remove all “the old” to be able to get the angelic divine energy.

© Gαbriєℓα Bαℓαj ॐ

Thanks to Fabio Carati for translation and adaptation.

Grazie a Fabio Carati per la versione in inglese, clicca qui per leggere l'articolo originale in italiano

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